Supercharge your business with managed accounting from KPMG Spark

We have created a unique managed accounting experience by combining accounting software, automation technology, and a real, human accountant that you can contact any time.

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Online accounting that lets you focus on your business

With KPMG Spark, you get a dedicated account representative from KPMG, combined with real-time out-sourced bookkeeping powered by Spark’s AI platform, all for a monthly price that works for your business.

Real-time accounting dashboard
KPMG Spark uses live data to give you real-time visibility into income and expenses, balances and more. No more monthly reconciliation.
Easy onboarding
Securely connect your bank accounts and KPMG Spark will immediately start your bookkeeping, freeing you up to do more important work.
Payroll, invoicing & more
Need more? We’ve got it all. Payroll. Expenses and mileage. Tax preparation. Invoicing & payments.
Instant human help
Got a question? Need immediate help? You can submit questions to your dedicated KPMG Spark bookkeeper right from a line item. We’re here for you.
This year I feel a huge stress relief, the anxiety of getting my taxes done, finding a dependable accountant, not being charged for bad bookkeeping, words can't describe how happy I am with my experience with KPMG Spark!


Switching over to KPMG Spark allowed me to gain more control over the creative part of my business because I don't have to work hard at the books or put it off until later.



See how KPMG Spark can help your business thrive.

* Some restrictions may apply. Discount not applicable to current KPMG Spark users. Waived onboarding fee requires a 12 month minimum commitment paid in advance.